Vertigo launches Go Pro's media and retail experiences for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Windows.
GoPro wanted to create an innovative media experience that pushed beyond traditional video on demand streaming. When presented with this challenge, Vertigo provided our design and development expertise to bring the GoPro Channel to life by showcasing GoPro’s unique brand and exciting video content in an immersive experience on three Microsoft platforms: Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Windows 8.

GoPro leveraged Vertigo’s extensive experience delivering video streaming applications to create an app that enables viewers to get behind the scenes and see what GoPro cameras and accessories were used to film a particular video. The experience is extended to provide users with the opportunity to make camera and accessory purchases directly in the app—the first time Microsoft has enabled people to make physical good purchases in an Xbox 360 app. This integrated purchasing experience, combined with video advertising, enables GoPro to create new monetization opportunities that become a seamless part of the experience.

The Xbox One and Windows 8 applications bring additional features with support for GoPro user accounts and user personalization such as favoriting video content.
The GoPro Channel can be found in the Xbox One and Xbox 360 Apps stores and the Windows 8 app can be installed from the Windows Store.

GoPro Channel Apps Coming to Xbox 360 and Xbox One -
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Xbox Wire: GoPro Channel Apps Coming to Xbox 360 Xbox One -
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